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Crofton Special Community Benefit District (CSCBD)

Although many people believe that the portion of Crofton often referred to as "The Triangle" is a municipality, it is actually a Special Community Benefit District (SCBD), generically known as a Tax District. Tax Districts are generally single purpose units established to perform specific functions within limited geographical boundaries.


In Anne Arundel County, an SCBD is a geographical district established by legislation by the County Council to provide public benefits to properties that would not otherwise have those benefits. The legislation that established the Crofton Special Community Benefit District authorizes us to provide special benefits related to public safety, common property maintenance, recreational programs and administration.

The Board of Directors for the Crofton Civic Association (CCA) administers the CSCBD. Regular CCA Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM and are open to the public. Please check our Schedule of Meetings / Events for location details.

What is the CSCBD?

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