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Safety Tips & Advise
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It is that time of year where the weather person begins to predict cold, icy and snowy weather in the forecast.  With this in mind, please drive safely to and from your destinations during the season.  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe:


The best way to arrive safe is not to think you are rushed.  Plan your trip accordingly even if is just a few miles down the familiar roads.  Leave early if the forecast calls for in-climate weather.  Don't believe that you can leave the same time no matter what the weather is like, remember there are thousands of motorist's thinking the same thing.  Be smarter and safer!!!


This is a common problem no matter what the weather conditions.  You are driving down the road, the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops for traffic but you still end up hitting the vehicle in front of you, Why you may ask?  The reason is simple, not enough room between you and the other vehicle.  It takes a few seconds for the human brain to see the possible hazard, decide what to do, then tell your foot to step on the brake or your hands to turn the wheel to avoid a collision.  By that time its too late, especially traveling at high speeds on the highways.  On dry road conditions vehicles should be spaced, at a very minimum, at least one car length which gives approximately 15-25 feet depending on the vehicle, this should give a driver time to stop before the collision.  Now add snow, ice, or even just rain.  Those weather factors could double or even triple your stopping distance due to sliding.  Always give yourself plenty of room, don't feel rushed which leads back to plan accordingly.

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