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                             Sign Policy

In an effort to control the proliferation of signs in the community, the CCA adopted a policy to regulate the posting of signs in the Tax District. This policy is followed for real estate signs, business signs, yard sale signs, political signs and other types of signs. The CCA policy exists within the parameters of the County sign ordinance and has been followed for many years.

The general policy is that signs may be placed on public property (curb lawns, median strips, etc.) from Friday morning until 10 AM on Monday morning (Tuesday morning if Monday is a national holiday). Signs that are not removed by 10 AM on Monday are removed by staff. Signs may not be placed on CCA property (Lake Louise, main entrance, entrances at Club House Gate and Crossgate Avenue, CCA parks, etc.) at any time, without permission from the CCA. Please do not at anytime nail signs to trees or tape them to traffic control or street sign poles.  Please be responsible and remove signs that you have posted.

Plastic signs with metal frames are brought back to Town Hall and stored for about a week and can be retrieved by their owners.  After that time the signs are disposed of.

The covenants for most neighborhoods in the community prohibit signs in private yards unless they are standard “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs.  Complaints about signs in private yards are handled by the Covenant Review Committee.  Maryland law supersedes the Crofton covenants as regards the display of political signs in private yards (this does not include curb lawns ). Political signs cannot be prohibited in private yards from 30 days before the primary election until 7 days after the general election.  Any complaints received about political signs in private yards during that time period will not be entertained.

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