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Streets in the CCA Neighborhood Districts

District One:                                                                           

Albermarle Drive

Angus Court

Bandury Court

Birdwood Court

Carlyle Court

Carlyle Drive

Crofton Center

Carlyle Apartments:

     Carlyle Drive

The Point at Crofton Apartments:

     Parkridge Circle

     Greenwich Court

     Cold Spring Way


District Two:

Ardsley Place

Crofton Parkway (1493-1653)

Dana Street

Dryden Way

Earlham Avenue

Ebbotts Place

Edgerton Place

Ellsworth Avenue

Elwyn Avenue

Endsley Place

English Place

Eton Way

Eversham Place

Farlow Avenue

Farnborn Street

Farrell Street

Flynt Place


District Three:

Candleberry Court

Crofton Parkway (1427-1487 & 1824-1856)

Grey Birch Court

Harcourt Avenue

Harrow Avenue

Harwell Avenue

Henley Place

Heston Place

Hylton Place

Jameson Place

Jerrold Place

Jordan Avenue

Justin Place

Kensington Place

Knightsbridge Turn

Layton Street

Marlow Place

Mayfair Place

North Forest Apartments:

     Crofton Parkway (1825-1839)

     North Forest Court

     Treeview Court

Ormsby Place

Persimmontree Court

Peartree Court

Peartree Lane

Pecan Tree Court

Pepperbush Court

Pleasant Meadow Road

Stonegate Avenue

Summersweet Court


District Four:

Crofton Country Club

Crofton Parkway (1701-1814)

Falling Leaf Court

Middlebridge Court

Misty Meadow Court

Old Willow Way

Ralston Place

Rawlings Place

Reading Street

Regents Park Road

Reynolds Street

Rochester Court

Rochester Street

Roxboro Place

Saxony Place

Scribner Place

Shaftsbury Avenue

Spring Green Avenue

Stratton Road

Sturbridge Place

Swinburne Avenue

Tarleton Way

Tarrytown Avenue

Tedbury Street

Tipton Drive

Torrington Place

Trent Street

Truro Road

Twain Road

Tyrone Street

Willow Glen Court

Willow Wood Court


District Five:

Bromley Court

Carry Place

Chainbridge Court

Crawford Boulevard

Crossgate Drive

Farmington Court

Fernham Court

Fillmore Court

Floral Court

Freemont Court

Gable Court

Gabriel Court

Gaffney Court

Galaxy Drive

Golden Court

Good Hope Drive

Granite Court

Greentree Court

Gunwood Place

Meghan Court

Patrice Circle

Ullswater Place

Urby Drive

Usher Place

Village Green

Waldorf Court

Walleye Drive

Whitestone Court

Whitfield Court

Wickham Way

Wilkshire Drive

Woodridge Court

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