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Snow Removal

The responsibility for removing snow from public roadways lies with Anne Arundel County, not with the Crofton Civic Association.  The following information comes from the County Department of Public Works.

Snow removal efforts will begin on main and collectors roads.  The County will then work to make neighborhood roads passable.  In major snowstorms (over 14") it may take 24 to 48 hours after the snow has stopped just to clear main and collector roads.  Neighborhood roads will be made passable 3 to 4 days after then end of the storm.

The following telephone numbers may be used for emergency situations;

For scheduled health-related medical attention (dialysis, oxygen deliveries, etc.) or for emergency food or shelter, call the Emergency Management Bureau at 410-222-0600.  

For snow removal requests call 410-222-4040 or 410-222-7940.  Additional information can be found at

For requests related to state highways (Routes 3, 424, 450, 50, 495, etc.) contact the State Highway Administration.

The SHA office in Annapolis can be reached at 410-841-1009. Additional information can be found at

Have a safe winter.

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