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Police Beat


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Crofton Police is investigating numerous reports of bicycle thefts over the last few weeks.  Most of the bikes are Huffy brand or Trek, usually high end performance bikes.  The thefts are occurring at residence's and at the schools during school hours.  Most of the bikes were not locked.  PLEASE LOCK YOUR BIKE AT ALL TIMES!!!! 


1.  Thieves will generally not bother a bike that is properly secured to a fixed object such as a bike rack or a pole, they instead look for unsecured bikes or bikes locked to a flexible object.

2.  Use a high quality lock and chain to secure the bike.

3.  Ensure the chain is around the frame of the bike, not just the front or rear tire.  Thieves do not mind having to buy a new tire if they can get the rest of the bike for free.

4.  If you see something, say something.  Contact 911 or the non emergency number, (410)222-8610 to report suspicious activity.  Please do not report directly to town hall in Crofton, Police are normally patrolling keeping the community safe.

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