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Crofton Town Hall is now open to the residents of the Tax District Monday-Friday from 10-4.  At no time will more than 10 people, including Police, staff and visitors be allowed inside the building.  Visitors must wear face coverings when inside Town Hall.  Appropriate social distancing must be observed and visitors must remain in designated areas.  Currently there is no public restroom available in Town Hall.  We hope it will not be too long before Town Hall operations are back to normal.  We are glad to be back at Town Hall so that we can better serve the residents of Crofton! 

For more information you may go to for COVID-19 Information, Resources and Cancellations.  You may email the County at or call the COVID-19 Health line at 410-222-7256.  You may also refer to the State Department of Health at

Trees and Shrubs


During the Covid Pandemic there has been a significant increase in the number of residents using our sidewalks and roadways for exercise and simply as a way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Predictably, with increased foot, skateboard, tricycle and bicycle traffic out there, Town Hall has received an increased number of complaints regarding the trimming of trees and shrubs located on private property near sidewalks and also those located in curb lawns (the grass space between the sidewalk and the curb).

Therefore, we wanted to give you a gentle reminder to be considerate of your neighbors who are out there walking, jogging and bicycling.  If you have trees or plants or shrubs growing on your property adjacent to the sidewalk please remember to trim that vegetation on a regular basis so that they do not overhang the sidewalk or grow in such a way as to encroach on the sidewalk, thereby impeding passage. We also request that if you have added any plants or shrubs to the curb lawn in front of your home that you also keep them trimmed so that they do not impede people who are walking on the sidewalk.

Finally, many homes have trees growing in the curb lawn in front of the house. The County does not often come out to maintain these trees unless the trees present a public safety hazard or are in such bad condition that the trees need to have large branches removed or need to be cut down completely and removed. If you have a curbside tree that appears to present a hazard or is dying please do not hesitate to contact Town Hall about it. We will take a look at the tree in question and then contact the County Department of Public Works so that they can examine the tree and decide what action needs to be taken. Since the trees are not routinely maintained by the County, we would encourage homeowners to trim small branches that appear to be dead or which are over-hanging the sidewalks and may impede other residents who are using the sidewalks. In dry periods we would also encourage you to provide some water for those trees as well.


Thanks for your help!

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