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The County Executive will be hosting 3 webinar town halls on Plan2040 (the coming General Development Plan) starting this Thursday at 6 PM. The town halls will be organized thematically: A Green Future (Natural Environment & Recreation and Parks), A Smart Future (Transportation and Redevelopment) and An Inclusive Future (Community and Economy).


You can see the schedule and register at the following link:  https://aacounty.hubspotpagebuilder.com/plan2040


Oct 22, 2020 | 06:00 PM

A Smart Future - Transportation and Redevelopment


Oct 29, 2020 | 07:00 PM

An Inclusive Future - Community and Economy


After reviewing Plan2040 please let the county know what you think by either filling out THIS FORM or emailing Plan2040@aacounty.org. If you choose to send an email, feel free to also copy James Kitchin (who works in the County Executive's Office and lives here in Crofton) at James.Kitchin@aacounty.org.

October 19, 2020 through November 9, 2020,  at 7:00 PM

FY2022 CCA Budget meetings begin.  Meetings will be held via ZOOM.   ​

CCA Citizens wishing to participate can contact Town Hall at ccatownhall@comcast.net.  You will be sent a link to the meeting on the day of that scheduled meeting.

Budget meeting on October 26, 2020

  • Maintenance and Operations

  • Administration

Budget Meeting on November 2, 2020

  • Completion and Approval of CSCBD FY2022 Budget

  • Review and Approval of CCA FY2022 Budget

November 9, 2020, 7:00 PM

CCA Board Meeting and final budget approvals if necessary.


Raccoon Oral Rabies Vaccination Project


The Anne Arundel County Department of Health began its annual Raccoon Oral Rabies Vaccination Program on August 31, 2020.

It will run through the end of September.


Edible baits containing liquid vaccine will be placed by Health Department staff ground teams in neighborhoods.

There are two types of baits. One looks like a ketchup packet; the other type looks like a small brown brick. The baits are marked with a phone number.

The Health Department asks that anyone who comes in contact

with a bait call that 800 phone number.


The baits are not harmful to raccoons, pets or other animals.

The baits have a very low human health risk,

but some people should avoid handling the baits. Those people include: those under 18 years of age; pregnant women; anyone with a compromised immune system; anyone with a chronic skin condition.


For more information call the

Bureau of Environmental Health 410-222-1423 or

visit https://aahealth.org/orv/

The Crofton Police will begin listing found/recovered property under the Crofton Police tab of this website.  If you believe the listed property is yours simply contact Crofton Police.  You must provide proof of ownership in order to claim any property.

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Your District

Trees and Shrubs


During the Covid Pandemic there has been a significant increase in the number of residents using our sidewalks and roadways for exercise and simply as a way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Predictably, with increased foot, skateboard, tricycle and bicycle traffic out there, Town Hall has received an increased number of complaints regarding the trimming of trees and shrubs located on private property near sidewalks and also those located in curb lawns (the grass space between the sidewalk and the curb).

Therefore, we wanted to give you a gentle reminder to be considerate of your neighbors who are out there walking, jogging and bicycling.  If you have trees or plants or shrubs growing on your property adjacent to the sidewalk please remember to trim that vegetation on a regular basis so that they do not overhang the sidewalk or grow in such a way as to encroach on the sidewalk, thereby impeding passage. We also request that if you have added any plants or shrubs to the curb lawn in front of your home that you also keep them trimmed so that they do not impede people who are walking on the sidewalk.

Finally, many homes have trees growing in the curb lawn in front of the house. The County does not often come out to maintain these trees unless the trees present a public safety hazard or are in such bad condition that the trees need to have large branches removed or need to be cut down completely and removed. If you have a curbside tree that appears to present a hazard or is dying please do not hesitate to contact Town Hall about it. We will take a look at the tree in question and then contact the County Department of Public Works so that they can examine the tree and decide what action needs to be taken. Since the trees are not routinely maintained by the County, we would encourage homeowners to trim small branches that appear to be dead or which are over-hanging the sidewalks and may impede other residents who are using the sidewalks. In dry periods we would also encourage you to provide some water for those trees as well.


Thanks for your help!

Latest News


Have you returned your ballot yet? Please do so today!

If you are a CCA property owner and have not yet received your ballot in the mail, please let Town Hall know immediately by calling 410-721-2301 or emailing at ccatownhall@comcast.net

It is VERY important that you make your voice heard on this issue.

Here you will find an area map and a message from the CCA Board of Directors.

Deadline for returning ballots has been extendeed to October 23 2020.

Backyard Beer Gardens at Whites Hall Every Friday & Saturday 5 to 9 PM

The Beer Gardens' are Fundraisers to Save & Restore Whites Hall, One of Maryland's Most Historic Properties.  

For more information about Whites Hall go to www.johnshopkinshouse.org

The Crofton Farmers Market

Opening July 8, St. Elizabeth Seton Church, 1800 Seton Dr., Crofton

The Crofton Chamber of commerce has announced that the Farmers Market is moving their new location on  July 8th ! This is one week longer than anticipated, but we are confident that you will enjoy our new location. Thank you to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church for hosting the Market. For more information

go to www.croftonfarmersmarket.com



Crofton Town Hall is now open to the residents of the Tax District Monday-Friday from 10-4.  At no time will more than 10 people, including Police, staff and visitors be allowed inside the building.  Visitors must wear face coverings when inside Town Hall.  Appropriate social distancing must be observed and visitors must remain in designated areas.  Currently there is no public restroom available in Town Hall.  We hope it will not be too long before Town Hall operations are back to normal.  We are glad to be back at Town Hall so that we can better serve the residents of Crofton! 

For more information you may go to aacounty.org for COVID-19 Information, Resources and Cancellations.  You may email the County at covid19info@aacounty.org or call the COVID-19 Health line at 410-222-7256.  You may also refer to the State Department of Health at coronavirus.maryland.gov.

County Executive Pittman will host three Town Halls with the Office of Planning and Zoning demonstrating how to use the new interactive website for Plan2040. Learn what the GDP is and why it's important, what regional areas are and how to submit comments on drafted goals and a land use plan for Anne Arundel County. Region 5 pertains to West County. This meeting is scheduled for August 19th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Use this link to register:  https://share.hsforms.com/7496460/f262e935-beb0-42ff-a4e2-d178db121b16

We invite you to participate in Plan2040:Community Engagement@Home , an online open house, to comment on draft elements of Plan2040, the plan for development of Anne Arundel County for the next 20 years.


While social distancing requirements keep us from holding in person public meetings, the County has used innovative technology to set up an interactive website where you can review draft elements of Plan2040 and provide comments. 


The online open house will be available from August 5 - September 10, 2020. You can visit the website any time that fits your schedule. 


Please share this email with organizations and groups you are involved with, neighbors, family, and friends. The more people we hear from, the more this plan can reflect the perspectives of all of Anne Arundel County.


Your Covenants are now on line.  Click here to print your copy.


The Crofton Special Community Benefits District (CSCBD) is divided into five districts.  Click here to find your district.

CCA Community ListServ

To be added to our ListServ, please contact us at: ccatownhall@comcast.net and include in your email:

  • Your name

  • Home address

  • Phone number

*Our ListServ is only available to residents of the Crofton Special Community Benefits District (CSCBD), as well as businesses, schools, and churches located in the CSCBD.

To ensure email delivery, please revise email inbox settings to allow messages from ccatownhall@pb03.wixshoutout.com

CCA Donations

The CCA is now accepting on-line donations!  Donation dollars will support the vital services provided by the CCA that your tax dollars do not.  These services include protecting property values by enforcing covenants, proactively representing your interests in area development and zoning concerns, and administering the Tax District overall.  We have no other revenue stream than donations from our members, so your contributions are vital to the success of our community.

Please support your civic association today!!

As always, if you would prefer to donate the old fashioned way, please send a check or money order to: Crofton Civic Association, 1576 Crofton Parkway, Crofton, MD, 21114.

Thank you for your much needed support!

The CCA is now on Facebook!

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Mosquito Control

July 16, 2020

The CCA has been advised by the State Mosquito Control Section that mosquito fogging operations will begin in Anne Arundel County tonight. That means that the first fogging in Crofton should be next Tuesday, July 21 (weather permitting).

Mosquito Control

This notice is to inform the residents of the Crofton Special Community Benefit District of mosquito control services that are being provided by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Anne Arundel County Government, for 2020. 

Due to the impact of Covid 19 the state of Maryland has been under a hiring freeze and the field staff for the mosquito control program was insufficient to conduct regular fogging. However, today we have been advised that the Mosquito Control Section hopes to begin fogging operations in Anne Arundel County very soon.


Between April and October a County-wide surveillance and control of larval mosquitoes will be conducted. Surveillance and control of adult mosquitoes will be conducted beginning soon and will continue until October 6. For further information you may contact State Mosquito Control at https://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Pages/mosquito_control_program_description.aspx or at 410-841-5870.


Spraying for adult mosquitoes will be done only if an MDA employee determines it is necessary. The frequency of ULV spray treatments will be based on the level of mosquito infestation and the resources available. The spraying night for Crofton will be Tuesday. Spraying will be done between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM. Spraying will not be conducted if it is raining, the winds exceed 12 MPH or the temperature exceeds 89 degrees.  Please note that ULV spray treatment of adult tiger mosquitoes is most effective when conducted in conjunction with community clean up efforts to remove standing water containers.  Birdbaths and containers under potted plants should be flushed twice a week. Old tires should be properly disposed of and not stored in yards. Roof gutters and down spouts should be kept clean.  Dripping outdoor faucets should be repaired. Collections of water in tarps or grill covers should be drained. If stored outside or under decks, items like pails, wading pools, wheelbarrows and such should be turned upside down.


Residents who would like their property to be exempt from adult mosquito control services must notify the MDA in writing, using the Department of Agriculture’s request form. The Request Form is available from the MDA (http://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Documents/NewExemption%202016-1.pdf) and at Crofton Town Hall for Special Community Benefit District residents.


Message from Anne Arundel County Recycling and Waste Reduction Division:

Plastic Bags, Wrap, and Film are NOT accepted with curbside recycling. You may recycle CLEAN, DRY plastic bags at participating retailers and recycling centers.  Additional information can be found at www.aacounty.org/departments/public-works/waste-management.

Enclave News as of August 30, 2019

Enclave Plans Rejected by AA County:

In the latest correspondence to Bowman Consulting from the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning & Zoning, the final plan submission for the development known as The Enclave has been denied.  Please see the summary of the denial of final plan application here.