November 25 & 26, 2021

Town Hall is closed for Thanksgiving.

November 28, 2021, 6:45 PM, CCA Tree Lighting Event

Crofton Country Club, 1691 Crofton Parkway.

December 13, 2021, 7:00 PM, CCA Board Meeting by ZOOM.

Winter Farmer's Market 2021-22 Season

Various Saturdays at St. Elizabeth Seton Church.  Beginning November 6, 2021 through April 16, 2022. 

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CCA Fundraiser

First Aid Kits starting at $15, available now through

December 31, 2021.

The Crofton Civic Association (CCA) is conducting a fundraiser for its general fund, primarily for raising money for playground equipment and for the celebration of Crofton’s 60th anniversary in two years. The CCA is partnering with Right Response to offer first aid kits for every situation.

Order here.

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County Executive Signs “Front Yard” Purchase Bill


County Executive Steuart Pittman came to Crofton June 16th to sign Bill 51-21, the legislation that authorizes the Crofton Civic Association’s purchase of the 7-acre parcel at Crofton’s main entrance on Rt. 3. In attendance for the event were all nine members of the CCA’s Board of Directors, other elected officials including State Senator Ed Reilly, Delegate Heather Bagnall, County Councilman Andrew Pruski, Town Hall staff, and a gathering of interested residents who had been supportive of the effort.


CCA Board President Martin Simon said in his remarks, “The legislation about to be signed here represents a major step forward in answering the 33-year-old question – ‘What will become of Crofton’s Front yard?’. Since 1988, when this 7-acre parcel was converted to C-3 zoning, our residents have been waiting…and waiting…to see what would become of this land.

For thirty plus years, that decision has been in the hands of others, but now, we as a community will be able to make that decision, together!”.


See video on Facebook Live:

Enclave Property Update 6/8/21

The Anne Arundel County Council has passed Bill 51-21.

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Enclave” Property VOTE status

 Additional information can be found here.


Crofton Area Sewer Pump Station Installation, 5-14-21

Project Status Update

Mosquito Control for 2021

Mosquito Control Services will be provided by the Maryland Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the AACo Government 2021.

Plan2040 is the General Development Plan for Anne Arundel County.


Current Status: Legislation

Please visit the County Council website for more information regarding meeting information. Please see the Public Engagement Materials link for previous draft documents.

Additional information can be found at




The Crofton Special Community Benefits District (CSCBD) is divided into five districts.  Click here to find your district.

CCA Community ListServ

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*Our ListServ is only available to residents of the Crofton Special Community Benefits District (CSCBD), as well as businesses, schools, and churches located in the CSCBD.

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CCA Donations

The CCA is now accepting on-line donations!  Donation dollars will support the vital services provided by the CCA that your tax dollars do not.  These services include protecting property values by enforcing covenants, proactively representing your interests in area development and zoning concerns, and administering the Tax District overall.  We have no other revenue stream than donations from our members, so your contributions are vital to the success of our community.

Please support your civic association today!!

As always, if you would prefer to donate the old fashioned way, please send a check or money order to: Crofton Civic Association, 1576 Crofton Parkway, Crofton, MD, 21114.

Thank you for your much needed support!