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May 8th General Membership Meeting

The CCA Held a General Membership meeting in May that featured presentations by State Senator Dawn Gile, State Delegate Stuart Schmidt, and James Kitchin, AA County Director of Research and Special Initiatives.

Senator Gile said of her first Maryland Senate session that 95% of bills were passed unanimously and that the Maryland legislature is very bipartisan, contrary to politics at the national level. She was able to get seven of ten bills she introduced to pass through to law. Some of the bills that impact AA County include $200 for the AA County Food Bank, funding for a new joint (Fire and Police) 911 center, and some money to improve local hospitals.


Delegate Schmidt said that the legislative bond initiative included $633,000 for District 33, including money to improve Camp Barrett and the AA County Fairgrounds, as well as the $350,000 for new playground equipment at Swann Park and Willows Park in Crofton. He said that a priority he will be working on is to improve housing affordability, particularly for retirees, who often move to surrounding states upon their retirement. He is particularly proud of the $62,000 scholarship funds secured that will be granted to 60 local students. He also presented a certificate of recognition to Acting Chief Jason Jett for his promotion to Sergeant earlier this year. 

James Kitchin said that AA County’s proposed budget includes significant increases in pay for teachers, bus drivers, and crossing guards to address the shortages in those areas and to make Anne Arundel more competitive with the wages offered in nearby counties. The proposed budget also includes new teacher and police positions, public financing of County political campaigns and a program to improve reentry of inmates into the workforce that will reduce recidivism.

This link provides a detailed letter from MD Senator Dawn Gile on her legislative accomplishments.

This link provides a letter from MD Delegate Stuart Schmidt on his legislative accomplishments.

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